The Web API Authentication guide, Digest Auth

HTTP Digest Authentication was designed to completely replace Basic Auth. It provides increased security at the cost of significant complexity...

The Web API Authentication guide, Basic Auth

HTTP Basic Auth has been with us for ages. Some despise it for its insecurity, while others love it for its simplicity. Should you opt for using it or avoid it at all cost?

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The Web API Authentication guide, The intro

As a developer, you will most likely get in the situation, where you have to decide how to authenticate your API. How would you deal with it?

Data Integrity Primer

Data integrity is rarely talked about, even though it comprises the basis of many data flows a modern web application has to deal with. From a security perspective, integrity deals with protecting data

About trusting data

"Never trust user input" - say the wise. Sound advice, although it raises more questions than it answers. First of all, what does it mean to trust a piece of data?