Data Integrity Primer

Data integrity is rarely talked about, even though it comprises the basis of many data flows a modern web application has to deal with. From a security perspective, integrity deals with protecting data

About trusting data

"Never trust user input" - say the wise. Sound advice, although it raises more questions than it answers. First of all, what does it mean to trust a piece of data?

Hello, my name is Daniel Szpisjak

Your time as a Software Engineer is valuable. I get it and respect it. This blog is designed to contain small, easily consumable drops of security knowledge essential for You.

Daniel Szpisjak

Security for Software Engineers

Solid security knowledge among developers is scarce these days, simply because it is not as spectacular and sexy as a new framework or a cool new tech. Nevertheless, it is real and will

Session management

Session management is an integral part of today's web applications. You receive limited support from the HTTP protocol and have to handle most of this yourself. No wonder session management vulnerabilities consistently make

360 view of XSS from the trenches

When a software developer first gets exposed to web security, he will inevitably memorize his first acronym: XSS! It stands for “cross site scripting”, and it is one of the oldest vulnerabilities around.